1. thequeenvevo:

    "yeah i used to like you too"


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  2. viserystargarayen:


    this is what i like to see

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  3. liluminati:

    toucans freak me out cus thats like THERI WHOEL MOUTH


    without it its just


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  4. clannyphantom:



    don’t talk about tumblr outside of tumblr not because it’s some cool elite website but because it’s fucking embarrassing

    No, it’s because we can’t have the people on the outside (i.e. people who aren’t on Tumblr) to find out about this colourful, magical world we log into multiple times a day

    see this is what I’m talking about

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  5. kingcarmody:

    how I leave uncomfortable situations

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  6. lickdacake:

    Oh yes I did. Lol

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  7. octobra:

    when you realize they weren’t waving to u 


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  8. kangaya:

    do u ever have that default username that you always use and if a site already has it taken youre like . speechless

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  9. richarcl:

    the truth about cowboys

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